Water Craft Prep & Maintenance 

Incoming Boat Service

Drop boat, wash and rinse off, check oil, gas up @ Waterman’s, dock at house, raise bimini


Outgoing Boat Service

Empty trash, empty cooler rinse/wash, shut off battery, plug in maintainer, lower bimini, raise boat


Incoming Jet Ski Service

Hook up trailer, launch and fuel jet skis @Waterman’s. Dock and rinse skis in lifts, cover and return trailer to garage


Outgoing Jet Ski Service

Retrieve trailer, load jet skis @Waterman’s, rinse off, flush engines, return to garage


Golf Cart Ready Service

Retrieve/inspect golf cart, fuel cans, check oil and tire pressure, drive to Waterman’s fill tank/cans, rinse off, return to garage


Kayak or Paddle Board Service

Set paddle boards on deck

Rinse and stow kayaks and paddle boards in garage


Additional services available upon request

 (including full boat detail & or winterization)